There are many great podcasts out there but here are some of our favorites in no particular order:


Summary: Dogma Debate is a podcast with more than 13 million downloads, averaging over half a million downloads per month, that invites believers of religions, cults, or the supernatural to share their stories and evidence as they are respectfully challenged by the host.

Host: David Smalley

Link: Dogma Debate Podcast One


Summary: Whether you consider yourself an atheist, agnostic, freethinker, or all of the above, we know you need hope and encouragement from time to time. That’s our main goal here at Hope After Faith: to help you heal some of the wounds and restore some of the hope you may have lost when you let go of faith.

Hosts: Jerry DeWitt and Bobby C

Link: Hope After Faith Podcast



Former religious broadcaster Seth Andrews hosts The Thinking Atheist Radio Podcast, a show which approaches atheism, religion, humanism, and this often crazy world with a refreshing mixture of compassion, humor, and heart.

Tackling subjects from Christianity to Islam to Scientology and more, and featuring special guests promoting science and humanism, this podcast is a wonderful resource for the atheist, the open-minded religious believer, the curious, and anyone/everyone who’s eager to connect, discover, laugh, and learn.

Link: The Thinking Atheist Podcast


Summary:  Rich Lyons spent 20 years as a minister of the United Pentecostal Church, before a series of events caused him to take a rational look at his faith.  In the following years, he gradually debunked and rejected one-by-one, the many doctrines of the church where he preached.

Eventually, he left that church and finally left faith altogether. That process was quite painful, and resulted in Rich being abandoned by his family and friends, and losing not only his home and job, but also losing a career and a way of life.

Today, Rich and his wife, Deanna Joy, live in Seattle and are active in the atheist and skeptic communities there. They host a podcast called, “Living After Faith,” which addresses the process of coming out of religion, and how to live again after leaving the life of faith.

Link 1:  Living After Faith (itunes)

Link 2: Living After Faith (Stitcher)