Part of my journey to Deconversion started out with the intent of listening to both world views (Christian vs. Atheist/Skeptics) with the hope I could better arm myself with apologetic responses that could help reaffirm my faith. In the end I found I could not continue to “sweep under the rug” all the doubts I had. Beyond the doubts I had to deal with the morality of the bible. I will blog about these issues, many of them are addressed in these debates and debate clips. While there are some “clips” I recommend believers and non-believers watch the full debates for full context of the discussions.

This first videos is a very friendly conversation and dialogue that is helpful for both Christians & Skeptics/Atheist can watch to learn more about each others worldviews and may dispel some misconceptions of both.

Matt Dillahunty and Michael Suderman in conversation
A general discussion covering many topics from both an atheist and Christian perspective. Michael Suderman from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries joins Matt for a dialog at the Austin ThinkWeek event.

Part 2

Sam Harris vs William Lane Craig at The God Debate 2 at Notre Dame

Matt Dillahunty vs Mike Licona- Was Jesus raised from the dead? At Austin Baptist Church Apologetic Conference

Matt Dillahunty vs Cliffe Knechtle – Does God Exist – 2013