This website is here to build community, to help those who are going through the pain of deconversion to know they are not alone.  This is normal process many people go through and while some do not acknowledge it publicly these numbers are growing.

This site also hopes to present a better image of who we are.  My former religion in particularly paints anyone who leaves the faith as an apostate who only seeks sin and destruction in their lives and are destined for eternal torment in hell.

We are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.  We come from all walks of life.  Military veterans, firefighters, doctors, medical professionals and we love life and others.  Many of those who have left their faith have done so because of morals and values and not a desire to lose them.  The stigma of deconversion, agnosticism, and skepticism has been painted by the media, and christian or religious organizations for too long.  It is time we take control of the message.

It’s time we challenge the status quo.  It’s time we question how we know what we know.  It’s time we realize sometimes our beliefs and ideologies are really subjective and influenced by our geographical place of birth and what faith we were raised in that part of the world.  Our views have been impacted by confirmation bias all our lives.

To put it simpler, sometimes we need to realize “It’s just your religious opinion man…..”-The Agnostic Dude