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Response to “Matthew 5:17 blog by SJ”

This morning I was scrolling twitter and saw a Youtube Christian Apologist SJ Thomason had posted one of her blogs from  I have read many of her tweets and watched some of her videos and I appreciate her decision to have respectful discourse with non-believers because many Christians will not without it getting very… Continue reading Response to “Matthew 5:17 blog by SJ”

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Fear of Hell and Conversion Methods

During my deconversion process I have continually added books on deconversion and atheism to my library and read through as many as possible and continue to do so.  As someone who went through this journey it compels me to read and learn how others escaped such severe indoctrination in their belief systems and in my… Continue reading Fear of Hell and Conversion Methods

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Tough Conversions with family

This week I decided after almost 3 years of the deconversion process that it was time to tell my father I was no longer a christian, no longer a believer in a god.  This was a conversation that I dreaded having but it had to be done.  I genuinely regretted having to do this because… Continue reading Tough Conversions with family

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A stark reminder…..

As my first blog on this site covered, I am a recently “deconverted” fundamentalist Christian. It was very rough going through the process and especially tough telling my wife who is a Christian and likewise my son who I had raised to be a Christian as well. You wonder what people will think about you,… Continue reading A stark reminder…..