The Deconverted Life


From an early age I was taught to believe,

The God of the Universe had a plan for me,

There was only one hang-up that needed to be absolved,

You see I was guilty of violating God’s laws,

The price must be paid an infinity in hell,

But God was so loving he had sacrificed himself,

Too young to ask questions,

And too young to know,

I accepted these beliefs as I continued to grow,


With joy I chose to follow my lord,

Telling others about him I passionately served,

Changing my life to conform to his truth,

Others were blinded and the world was accursed,

What could I do to lead more to the lord,

The rapture was coming it was destined to come,

Deep in the word would my studies lead,

Fighting the good fight was my heart cry to be,


Fast forward many years where my journey would lead,

No rapture or second coming and a crumbling belief,

The search for truth had never ceased,

But other christian’s said you must “just believe”,

The deeper I dove the more questions I had,

From textual criticisms to moral objections and divine commands,

I could no longer accept the common apologetic answers,

A change was coming that I would never have suspected,


Now an agnostic or a skeptic if you like,

I am free to explore unlike ever before,

Following truth wherever it leads,

A newfound personal responsibility,

Now this life means more because its all we have got,

I encourage you all to question and engage in free thought,


It won’t be easy but it’s good to know,

There are many more and our numbers grow,

Search out freely and you just might find,

There is hope in living.

The Deconverted Life,


By the Agnostic Dude

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