Welcome to The Deconverted Life 

Hi, My name is John a.k.a “Agnostic Dude” and welcome to our community.

If you are a non-believer, skeptic, agnostic or atheist you are welcome here!

If you are the family of one of the aforementioned parties or you are a christian or religious person of any faith the you are also welcome here!

The purpose of this website is to give more insight in to who the people are that go through the “Deconversion Process”.  The truth of the matter is that there are people of all walks of life who were once religious and no longer adhere to religious dogma or belief in any “Gods”.

The first thing you may be asking is what is “Deconversion”?

Deconversion is the loss of faith in a given religion and return to a previously held religion or non-religion (typically atheism, agnosticism, or rationalism).

I put together The Deconverted Life to serve as a home for fellow “DC’s” to readily access what I think are some great resources, commentary and community.  It is my hope that someday this website might be used as a resource you can share with family or friends if you also go through the pain of deconversion.  There is hope and life after leaving religion and were here to find it together.  This site will grow and evolve and hopefully “YOU” the community can help give me feedback on what you would like to see at “The Deconverted Life”.  Keep your eye open for “polls” that I will send out to my mailing list to determine future content on the website.


The Agnostic Dude

Find me on Twitter- @agnosticdude




2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Deconverted Life ”

  1. I’m pleased to discover your site. I haven’t been here long, but was wondering where are the opposition is to the insanity called religion! Are there many of us? Those who believe death is final, and that there is no supernatural anything! GROG


    1. Thanks for letting me know you like the site. It is very new and still building it out. My main purpose is to shed light on the fact that you can have a meaningful like as a non-believer deconvereted from religion and superstitious beliefs. I also wanted to share on this site many of the free resources out there to learn about skepticism and non-belief.


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